There is truth in everything that persists, That we fail to know and to be interested, As we reckon there are better things that exist, For we keep fiddling between the reality that is disrupted. As we begin and as we are about to exit, We feel that there is nothing great than to be... Continue Reading →



Sweeping through the darkness , The dungeons are no longer dreadful, the palaces are no longer beautiful, Sometimes there is no gravity.   Love is almost fictitious, Wars are faced by the infants, Centenarians are bungee jumping , Oh! Of course none of us are on the round earth.   This small world is a... Continue Reading →

With Anguish & Guilt

Stamped, used until worn off, broken , I sustain with all the leaps and loads I bear every second. As life wraps around technology, the load on me increases which cannot be described through words. Billions of people use me everyday, to make their lives easier. Lorries and trucks crush me every second, physically. As... Continue Reading →


Years passed by as swift as a lightning, Giving you all the treasures to live -food , air and water, All for free , As you set your goals in glee. Born between the wars and alien attacks, Your lives were never a problem so far fetched, Yet you complained , for all the tiny... Continue Reading →

Adalaj Ni Vaav- Gujarat,India

Adalaj Ni Vav is a wonder in the history of Architecture in India . Vav is stepwell in Gujarati,is used often to store water and celebrate the element with such grandeur and importance. Adalaj Ni Vav or Adalaj Stepwell , in the outskirts of Ahmedabad city and Gandhinagar is one such great masterpiece of Vav... Continue Reading →

Where is home?

It's been quite long since industrialisation evaded us. Urbanisation has taken a huge impact and leap in our lives . Slowly and steadily , we begin to feel that something is missing,something that kept the aura and the essence felt . The void has taken its toll on us -the people,which we hardly realise, although... Continue Reading →

I think I am an Architect

A profession is not just about goimg through it , but it is also about living through it. Art , architecture and any creative field requires deliberation and commitment than just performing for the veru demanding lives we are put in. Read the article to know more.

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