Adalaj Ni Vaav- Gujarat,India

Adalaj Ni Vav is a wonder in the history of Architecture in India . Vav is stepwell in Gujarati,is used often to store water and celebrate the element with such grandeur and importance. Adalaj Ni Vav or Adalaj Stepwell , in the outskirts of Ahmedabad city and Gandhinagar is one such great masterpiece of Vav... Continue Reading →


Where is home?

It's been quite long since industrialisation evaded us. Urbanisation has taken a huge impact and leap in our lives . Slowly and steadily , we begin to feel that something is missing,something that kept the aura and the essence felt . The void has taken its toll on us -the people,which we hardly realise, although... Continue Reading →

I think I am an Architect

A profession is not just about goimg through it , but it is also about living through it. Art , architecture and any creative field requires deliberation and commitment than just performing for the veru demanding lives we are put in. Read the article to know more.

The leap

Out of HOME. Lives are faster than we expect . Some fly now and then, some halt somewhere , some just stick to home. Wherever you be , it's an experience, be it good or bad. However , I think , to be out of home for a while will let one be independent and... Continue Reading →

Power of opposites

Today is Karthikai Deepam , a festival of lights celebrated in the month of Karthikai, as per Tamil Calendar. It is definitely one of the best festivals that bring colour and cheer. I was clicking pictures of oil lamps being lit, using my phone. That is when I realized that opposites are mandatory to feel... Continue Reading →


Uploading another one because the topic excites me. For the Weekly Photo Challenge ,<a href="Serene"><a href="">Serene</a> This is how and where I spent my holidays over the last ten days. I am not a very good at clicking photographs , but I believe in creating memories through photographs. All of these pictures that I have... Continue Reading →


What is more serene than a house in the middle of vast acres of land with exciting natural views on all sides. This picture is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge <a href="Serene"><a href="">Serene</a> Tranquility of any space and human is maintained when you step out, figure the world and come back with something... Continue Reading →


In response to the weekly challenge by The Daily Post , this is a photograph taken in a residence that is yet to be completed. You might wonder why I call this temporary. So ,here is my take on the "temporary" picture. The workmanship - gone are the days when the masons used to carry... Continue Reading →

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