Eggs & some eggciting things.


Until the first year of my college , I knew very little about an egg. It’s rich in protein and a good source of Vitamin A. As a South Indian myself , it is cooked in different ways possible. Boiled eggs,poached eggs, omelette , kalakki, half boil,full boil,muttai kuzhambu(egg curry) so on and so forth. My craving for eggs are as endless as the list too.

It is used in making craft work. Yes! Have we not used the shell of an egg to make crafts?

The shell of an egg is used as a fertilizer for plants owing to its healthy credentials.

It’s sleek.

I love the shape of the eggs and I have always felt that it is nature’s wonder. Oval, white and sleek.

Egg in architecture – really?!

So , coming back to the point , I chose architecture as a professional course in 2014. I was taught to imagine , create , develop , design ,draft , go through works of various architects in the world.

I was then taught to solve design with aesthetics and structure , which is when I got to study the construction of arches , it’s structural stability ,types,etc. It was at this time that my professor, explained to me about the stability of an arch with an egg.

“If you interlock your fingers and try to squeeze an egg lengthwise to break it, it withstands any amount of pressure.”

Thus , eggs are natural examples of arches.

This sounded a marvel to all of us in the lecture, as it was a unique information and it also made me wonder as how, such a brittle edible item’s logic is put to use in the world architecture we see today.

Arches are an important architectural element used in Rome , Italy , Greece dating back to centuries before. They serve both culturally and structurally as the most prominent element.

Even now, ancient bridges and monuments have arcuate style of construction withstanding all kinds of pressure -both natural and man-made,which is why they still exist giving us major construction goals .

In India and other major parts of UAE , arches are seen as a religious element ,owing to the Islamic influence .

Arches give a monumental feel and look to a buildings or gateway , they can can span long distances , withstand forces and are iconic in many other ways.

Egg ,therefore is versatile. It is a marvel and is universal.



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