The Alpha colour

Everyone loves black; it suits everyone and is preferred mostly. Matte black is what everyone craves for these days, be it a cellphone’s color or a furniture piece’s veneer. Dark chocolates are everyone’s favourite;healthy and tempting. It is a colour that complements every other color.


My wardrobe contains a lot of black clothes. One , it suits me. Two , it is a color that could be worn with any other coloured clothes. It is universal.


Whenever you attend meetings or go for a party , black rules. Right from the clothes one wears ,furniture & to the decor we come across today , black is the fashion. Oh I’m not surprised when everyone puts up a status saying “Black is the new sexy”. It isn’t new , it has always been a go-to colour for any occasion.

White , grey and black are the colours mostly preferred for a classy atmosphere. Although white is mostly avoided , grey and black saves the place. Of course , grey is a tint of black.

Black in India

Black color in India is a bad sign, especially for the religious Hindu sects. Whenever there is an auspicious day , be it a festival , a birthday , an anniversary , it is not considered a sacred colour . Black is a result of all the colours. When we mix all the n number of colours that we come across, we get black , in other words , I’d say , it is black which contains such wonderful colours and hues we see in our ordinary lavish lives. Yet , we ,the humans are at a major fault.

Black in the skin

I have always wanted to ensure that my writing has some value and content to it. Let me put forth my vision on this colour. Literates or illiterates , Rich or poor, black has divided us all. The very idea of racism evolved over time because of this colour on our skin. Although , as time passed by , even when there are awarenesses at the peak , there is still hatred towards people of that colour.

Asians , Africans and native Americans have been through it all. “Black” was considered ugly , dangerous and something that was not necessary. Times flew. Situation came to a stand when a lot of people stood against this ill treatment, atleast from what we are told. Oh! How I wish it didn’t exist anymore.


This incident I am going to narrate is very recent. I happened to watch an interview given by the VIP-2 team which is a recent Tamil film directed and acted by famous people in the Indian industry,also dubbed in other major languages of the country . This movie was expected to be watched across India as the female lead is from Bollywood , charismatic and highly famous , and the male lead is famous and a good actor from the Kollywood. Bollywood and Kollywood are unique in their own ways, nobody denies that . So , there was this comment on the YouTube video , abusing the male lead as a “charred south Indian”. The person abused him so much for the actor’s skin colour,which I felt made no sense of the topic that was discussed in the video. It was simply a personal grudge or opinions that had no sense and meaning, all of which came out of the blue.

A person’s colour is purely because of his geographical settlement over time. When we can accept material things of the colour , why not accept a human with the same ?

I’m proud to be a south Indian that way , if you call me “charred”. My state embraces me . Politicians and legends have been proudly using Black in their party logos and black became the colour of the Dravidians over time.

Things must change. Advertisements on fairness creams shouldn’t be made. Embrace all colours equally and genuinely. If you say white is pure , I’d say black is a mixture of purity + anger + love+ growth ,etc , the culmination of all the colours and their value systems, all of which are signs of being a human being .

There is only thing I want to say to those who mistreat people based on colour , religion , caste or creed ,”Grow up, for once”.



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  1. That’s a lovely quote. Racism is rampant everywhere, and not just in the more obvious actions but also in subtle, sub-conscious ways. But it’ good that we talk about it and not accept it in any form. Great post, keep going!

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